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ID: 337Grid Ref: SE 6020 8321Added on: Thu, 29 Sep 2005
Long: 1.07617°W, Lat: 54.24088°NAmended on: Sun, 19 Apr 2009
Parkland Tea Room
Duncombe Park
North Yorkshire
YO62 5EB

Tel. (01439) 771115

Approx. Map Location:-


Nearest Cafes as Crow Flies (approximate distance and direction)
DistanceDirectionCafeTownOpening Times
1.0 kmNorth East NERyeburn Dairy Ice CreamHelmsleyOPEN Sun 10am - 4.30pmOPEN Mon 10am - 4.30pmOPEN Tue 10am - 4.30pmOPEN Wed 10am - 4.30pmOPEN Thu 10am - 4.30pmOPEN Fri 10am - 4.30pmOPEN Sat 10am - 4.30pm
1.1 kmEast North East ENENice Things Cafe and Gift ShopHelmsleyOPEN Sun 9am - 4.30pmOPEN Mon 9am - 4.30pmOPEN Tue 9am - 4.30pmOPEN Wed 9am - 4.30pmOPEN Thu 9am - 4.30pmOPEN Fri 9am - 4.30pmOPEN Sat 9am - 4.30pm
1.1 kmNorth East NEOld Police StationHelmsleyOPEN Sun 8.30am - 4.15pmOPEN Mon 8.30am - 4.15pmOPEN Tue 8.30am - 4.15pmOPEN Wed 8.30am - 4.15pmOPEN Thu 8.30am - 4.15pmOPEN Fri 8.30am - 4.15pmOPEN Sat 8.30am - 4.15pm
1.1 kmEast North East ENECastlegate CafeHelmsleyOPEN Sun 9am - 4pmOPEN Mon 9am - 4pmOPEN Tue 9am - 4pmOPEN Wed 9am - 4pmOPEN Thu 9am - 4pmOPEN Fri 9am - 4pmOPEN Sat 9am - 4pm
3.2 kmWest North West WNWRievaulx AbbeyRievaulxOPEN Sun 10am - 4pmOPEN Mon 10am - 4pmCLOSED TuesdayCLOSED WednesdayOPEN Thu 10am - 4pmOPEN Fri 10am - 4pmOPEN Sat 10am - 4pm
4.3 kmSouth SAmpleforth Abbey Tea RoomAmpleforthOPEN Sun 12pm - 5.30pmOPEN Mon 10am - 5.30pmOPEN Tue 10am - 5.30pmOPEN Wed 10am - 5.30pmOPEN Thu 10am - 5.30pmOPEN Fri 10am - 5.30pmOPEN Sat 10am - 5.30pm
7.7 kmEast South East ESENational Trust Tea RoomsNunningtonOPEN Sun 1.30pm - 5pmCLOSED MondayCLOSED TuesdayOPEN Wed 1.30pm - 5pmOPEN Thu 1.30pm - 5pmOPEN Fri 1.30pm - 5pmOPEN Sat 1.30pm - 5pm
8.6 kmNorth West NWHawnby Stores and Tea RoomHawnbyOPEN Sun 10.30pm to 8pmOPEN Mon 8am - 8pmOPEN Tue 8am - 8pmOPEN Wed 8am - 1pmOPEN Thu 8am - 8pmOPEN Fri 8am - 8pmOPEN Sat 8am - 8pm
8.7 kmWest WSutton Bank Visitor Centre North York Moors National ParkSutton BankOPEN Sun 11am - 4pmCLOSED MondayCLOSED TuesdayCLOSED WednesdayCLOSED ThursdayCLOSED FridayOPEN Sat 11am - 4pm
8.8 kmWest WThe Yorkshire Gliding ClubSutton BankOPEN Sun OPEN Mon OPEN Tue OPEN Wed OPEN Thu OPEN Fri OPEN Sat

Nearest 5 Cycle Shops as Crow Flies (approximate distance and direction)
DistanceDirectionShopTownOpening Times
24.6 kmSouth SCycleSceneWiggintonCLOSED SundayOPEN Mon 9am - 5.30pmOPEN Tue 9am - 5.30pmCLOSED WednesdayOPEN Thu 9am - 5.30pmOPEN Fri 9am - 5.30pmOPEN Sat 9am - 1pm
26.1 kmSouth SHaxby CyclesYorkCLOSED SundayOPEN Mon 9.30am - 5.30pmOPEN Tue 9.30am - 5.30pmCLOSED WednesdayOPEN Thu 9.30am - 5.30pmOPEN Fri 9.30am - 5.30pmOPEN Sat 9.30am - 5pm
31.2 kmSouth SHalfordsYorkOPEN Sun 10am - 5pmOPEN Mon 9am - 8pmOPEN Tue 9am - 8pmOPEN Wed 9am - 8pmOPEN Thu 9am - 8pmOPEN Fri 9am - 8pmOPEN Sat 9am - 6pm
31.6 kmWest South West WSWMoongluRiponCLOSED SundayOPEN Mon 9.30am - 6pmOPEN Tue 9.30am - 6pmCLOSED WednesdayOPEN Thu 9.30am - 6pmOPEN Fri 9.30am - 6pmOPEN Sat 9.30am - 5pm
32.1 kmSouth SCycle HeavenYorkOPEN Sun 11am - 4pmOPEN Mon 9am - 6pmOPEN Tue 10.30am - 6pmOPEN Wed 10.30am - 6pmOPEN Thu 9am - 6pmOPEN Fri 9am - 6pmOPEN Sat 9am - 5.30pm


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