Route Starts on Instruction

Route Instructions

Ins. No.KM   Direction Signpost
10m   START Knavesmire
2481m  T Junction Right [Campleshon Road]
3950m  T Junction Left [Bishopthorpe Road]
41.2  X Road Right [Butcher Terrace]
51.3  Bollards Across Cycle Path Over "Millennium Bridge"
61.6  T Junction Right (cycle path)Fulford
72.0  Straight Over at cross pathsBroadway
82.2  Bollards Across Cycle Path onto [Broadway West]
92.5  Traffic Lights Straight Over [Broadway]
103.4  Mini Roundabout Straight Over (1st Exit) [Heslington Lane]Heslington
124.6  Roundabout (enlarged) Straight Over [Field Lane] (2nd Exit)Hull
134.9  Traffic Lights Straight Over [Field Lane]
145.7  Roundabout Left (1st Exit) New part of University ExtensionHull
156.0  Roundabout with 1079A Straight Over (2nd Exit) [Tranby Avenue]
166.7  T Junction Right [Murton Way]
176.9  T Junction Left (Straight Over)Murton
188.4  MURTON T Junction LeftStockton on Forest
1910.8  T Junction RightHoltby
2011.9  Junction LeftWarthill
2113.6  WARTHILL T Junction LeftWarthill
2214.8  Junction Right Gate Helmsley
2316.6  T Junction RightGate Helmsley
2417.4  GATE HELMSLEY T Junction Left A166 (use cycle path on left)Stamford Bridge
2518.0  AT Junction Right (cross A166 and use cycle path along side A166)Scoreby
2618.7  follow cycle path right over Old Railway Bridge STAMFORD BRIDGE
2719.5  T Junction Left [Church Road]
2819.8  3rd Junction RightFull Sutton
2924.1  T Junction LeftFangfoss
3024.5  Junction Right (grass triangle)Barmby Moor
3127.3  2nd X Road Left [Feoffee Lane]Yapham
3229.3  Staggered X Road RightPocklington
3432.5  POCKLINGTON Left after Zebra X
3532.7  T Junction left
3632.9  3rd Junction RightBurnby
3737.0  BURNBY 2nd Junction RightLondesborough
3839.1  Junction RightLondesborough
3940.8  X Road RightShiptonthorpe
4043.5  SHIPTONTHORPE T Junction Left
4144.1  T Junction Left A1079(at Crown PH)
4244.4  300 yards on Right
4344.5  Langlands Nurseries and Garden Centre Refreshments
4444.7  Left from Garden Centre A1079 (west bound)
4646.7  Junction leftEveringham
4750.6  EVERINGHAM T Junction Right (grass triangle)Seaton Ross
4854.1  SEATON ROSS Junction RightLaytham
4957.7  LAYTHAM T Junction LeftBubwith
5058.1  2nd Junction Right
5161.5  AUGHTON COMMON X Road LeftBubwith
5263.0  Junction Right
5364.2  BUBWITH T Junction Right A163North Duffield
5464.8  Bridge over River Derwent Traffic lights
5566.9  NORTH DUFFIELD X Road Right [Back Lane]Skipwith
5667.3  T Junction Right
5770.0  SKIPWITH T Junction RightEscrick
5870.1  Junction Right
5970.4  Cattle Grid gate on Left
6072.6  Cattle Grid gate on Right
6174.7  T Junction with A19 Straight over using footpath
6275.2  RICCALL Traffic Lights RightYork
6375.8  Junction Left (just before A19)York TPT (blue sign)
6484.4  Bridge over River Ouse
6585.6  BISHOPTHORPE Through Bollards to Join RoadYork TPT (blue sign)
6685.8  Leave Road to Following Cycle PathYork TPT (blue sign)
6786.5  Under A64 Road Bridge Junction Right
6887.1  T Junction Right
6988.0  double Crossing of Race Course
7088.1  Junction Left along side race course
7189.0  X Road Left onto Race Course access road
7289.6  Junction Left at green triangle FINISH at entry to KNAVESMIRE3.5T (limit sign)