Peter Gray Challenge Rides - last amended Thu, 1 May 2014 - Position and Photos of Peter's Memorial Bench

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2011 rides take place on  Sunday 17th July from Tockwith Village Hall

PG Event Flyer A4 or 2 x A5

"210 Welcome to the Dales" ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY SUNDAY 10th JULY 2011

Last Date for PRE-ENTRIES on the 100 and 50 routes - Noon Friday 16th July (otherwise entry on the line 100 and 50 only)

50km Roecliffe Ramble
11am start from Tockwith Village Hall
Max. time 6 hours (finish between 1pm -  5pm)

50km Roecliffe Ramble
50km Roecliffe Ramble

100km Kettlesing Canter
10am start from Tockwith Village Hall
Max. time 7 hours (finish between 2pm -  5pm)

100km Vale of York Wander
100km Kettlesing Canter

210km Welcome to the Dales
8am start from Tockwith Village Hall
Max time 12 hours (finish by 8pm)

200km Welcome to the Dales
210km Welcome to the Dales

This ride is intended for family and newcomers to cycling.

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This ride is designed for more advanced riders and it's aimed at the general club rider.

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This ride is intended to challenge the hardened club rider who likes a challenging ride with plenty of climbing amongst scenic countryside.

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Refund policy: Entry fees are not refundable, this is standard policy for CTC, Audax UK and most organisations which organise events of this type and is because of the costs incurred to the organiser, in the organising of such events. Changing the Event on the day would incur the standard entry fee for the event; this may be re-negotiated with the organiser if extenuating circumstances can be shown, resulting in the need to change events.

Participation in events: participants are on a private excursion on the public highway and their conduct is covered by the law of the land. Participants may ride singly or in groups and may pace each other. No motor vehicle may pace riders except in the case of an accident or emergency. Participants are responsible for their own feeding and may stop for food and rest at any place. Participants who infringe CTC Regulations, ignore event officials’ instructions, or behave in a manner likely to bring an event or the Club into disrepute may be excluded from the event. 

Controls: At the end of an event the rider must ensure that all necessary details are entered on the 'Rider Event Card' (similar to AUK's Brevet card) and sign the card, prior to validation.

Accompanying Rider: must be riding the same event as the under 16 rider. If the accompanying rider cannot start, another person can be assigned during the signing on process at the start of the event.

York CTC responsibility: CTC and organisers will be responsible only for indicating or agreeing control points to confirm that a participant has completed a predetermined distance (the event) within the allowed time.

These are not races and no timed results list or placing list of this event is to be published. An alphabetic listing by surname of those who completed their Event, will be published on this web-site.

If you are unable to complete the ride, you are required to let the organiser know either by phone or notifying the organiser through alterative means. The emergency phone number appears on the 'Rider Event Card'  and is provided at the start of the Event.


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