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Cafe Name Starting With Letter Y
IDNameTown / VillagePhone No.Days Open?
no info/no web/no e-mail509Ye Olde Naked Man CafeSettle(01729) 823230Opening Times Not Known
no info/no web/no e-mail348Yesteryear TearoomsRipon(01765) 607801OPEN Sun 8.30am - 6pmOPEN Mon 8.30am - 6pmOPEN Tue 8.30am - 6pmOPEN Wed 8.30am - 6pmOPEN Thu 8.30am - 6pmOPEN Fri 8.30am - 6pmOPEN Sat 8.30am - 6pm
We are also open for evening dining on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6.30pm until 8.30pm.Web sitee-mail776Yew Tree CaféScalby(01723) 367989OPEN Sun 12pm - 2pmCLOSED MondayOPEN Tue 10am - 4pmOPEN Wed 10am - 4pmOPEN Thu 10am - 4pmOPEN Fri 10am - 4pmOPEN Sat 10am - 4pm
no infoWeb sitee-mail342YHA Abbey House Tea RoomWhitby(01947) 600557OPEN Sun 10.30am - 7pmOPEN Mon 10.30am - 7pmOPEN Tue 10.30am - 7pmOPEN Wed 10.30am - 7pmOPEN Thu 10.30am - 7pmOPEN Fri 10.30am - 7pmOPEN Sat 10.30am - 7pm
no infoWeb sitee-mail244Yorks Of ThirskThirsk(01845) 526776OPEN Sun 10am - 5pmOPEN Mon 9am - 5pmOPEN Tue 9am - 5pmOPEN Wed 9am - 5pmOPEN Thu 9am - 5pmOPEN Fri 9am - 5pmOPEN Sat 10am - 5pm
no infoWeb sitee-mail355Yorkshire Caravan Leisure - Percy's BistroBawtry(01302) 710366OPEN Sun 10am - 4pmOPEN Mon 9am - 5pmOPEN Tue 9am - 5pmOPEN Wed 9am - 5pmOPEN Thu 9am - 5pmOPEN Fri 9am - 5pmOPEN Sat 9am - 5pm
We provide breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner (on request) throughout the summer, and on days when the weather is good through the winterWeb sitee-mail780The Yorkshire Gliding ClubSutton Bank(01845) 597237OPEN Sun OPEN Mon OPEN Tue OPEN Wed OPEN Thu OPEN Fri OPEN Sat
no infoWeb siteno e-mail696The Yorkshire LassGrassington(01756) 751835OPEN Sun 9am - 5pmCLOSED MondayOPEN Tue 9am - 5pmOPEN Wed 9am - 5pmOPEN Thu 9am - 5pmOPEN Fri 9am - 9.30pmOPEN Sat 9am - 9.30pm
no infoWeb sitee-mail299Yorkshire Lavender Howardian Herbs & EJ's Tea RoomTerrington(01653) 648008OPEN Sun 10am - 4.30pmOPEN Mon 10am - 4.30pmOPEN Tue 10am - 4.30pmOPEN Wed 10am - 4.30pmOPEN Thu 10am - 4.30pmOPEN Fri 10am - 4.30pmOPEN Sat 10am - 4.30pm
no infoWeb sitee-mail468Yorkshire Museum of FarmingMurton(01904) 489966OPEN Sun 10am - 5pmOPEN Mon 10am - 5pmOPEN Tue 10am - 5pmOPEN Wed 10am - 5pmOPEN Thu 10am - 5pmOPEN Fri 10am - 5pmOPEN Sat 10am - 5pm
Currently Until 11.30am there is a reduction of 1 on a full breakfast. (7th Apr 2013) Check that the offer is still web/no email454Yorkshire Tea Rooms & RestaurantMalton(01653) 692365OPEN Sun 8am - 8pmOPEN Mon 8am - 8pmOPEN Tue 8am - 8pmOPEN Wed 8am - 8pmOPEN Thu 8am - 8pmOPEN Fri 8am - 8pmOPEN Sat 8am - 8pm
Bed and breakfast is available more or less all year roundWeb sitee-mail291Yorkshire TearoomsBuckden(01756) 760883OPEN Sun 12.30pm - 6pmOPEN Mon OPEN Tue OPEN Wed 12.30pm - 6pmOPEN Thu 12.30pm - 6pmOPEN Fri 12.30pm - 6pmOPEN Sat 12.30pm - 6pm

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