Updates/Changes to web-site design/functionality.

(16/05/2021) Fixed - Routes HTML files links now point to correct cafe/shops.

(16/05/2021) New - HTML files cycle routes menu should now be working.

(29/11/2020 - 19/12/2020) updated - Old HTML files Changed to new layout (work still to be done on cycle routes + some additional web pages).

(29/11/2020) updated - Old HTML files Cafes/Shops and Social 'A' web-pages updated to use Bing maps (previously Google mapping).

(29/11/2020) added - CTC York home page Added images to the home page, using image viewer.

(29/11/2020) fixed - CTC York home page fixed Google search.

(16/11/2020 - 28/11/2020) Web-site not fully available The web-site was moved to a new server which caused the web-site not to function correctly.

(25/12/2018) reverted - CycleRouteDetails Reverted back to using Longtitude and Latitude for routes in Bing Maps (trying to find out why some routes showed and others didn't).

(11/12/2018) Fixed - all Dynamic Pages with CTC York header date under Bike logo was displaying Now and not the date when the page was created.

(16/11/2018) Changed - CycleRouteDetails changed Bing Maps to use Point Compression for routes (web pages load faster).

(27/10/2018) Added - Web-Site-Changes enables viewing of alterations to the design/alterations to the web-site.

(27/10/2018) Fixed - CycleRouteDetails a couple of issues with links and text alignment.

(29/09/2018) Fixed - CycleRouteDetails found an issue causing Bing maps to be loaded in twice (these pages load much faster now).

(17/09/2018) Fixed - CafeDetails / ShopDetails and SocialARides changed the maps to use Bing Maps, since Google have changed their terms of use policy.

(18/11/2017) Added - News and NewsItems pages Old Newsletters, have been transferred across. Allows additional news items or other information of interest to be shown.